Tinotenda Charles Rutanhira

Tino Rutanhira was born in Harare Zimbabwe. He completed university studies in South Africa before immigrating to the US.

Tino is currently employed at Dealer.com. He is the Co-Founder and Board Chair of The Vermont Professionals of Color Network and also sits on the Board of The Lake Champlain Regional Chamber of Commerce. An Entrepreneur by heart, over the last 5 years Tino has; produced and hosted his own podcast called "On The Shoulders of Giants”, co-founded, owns and operates Best In VT Tours & Charters, acted in a play at the Flynn called "The Call", and performed Standup Comedy at the VT Comedy Club. In 2019, he co-founded The Vermont Professionals of Color Network.

When not working or creating, Tino enjoys listening to music or podcasts, and watching or playing in competitive sports. He loves to play and watch football (soccer), and most Saturdays he can be seen in his beloved Liverpool FC jersey yelling at the TV!

Most importantly, Tino is a single parent of the most beautiful, intelligent, amazing, (insert glowing adjective here ...) 15-year-old daughter. Parenting is by far his biggest source of pride and joy.


Web: tcrutanhira.com
LI: charlesrutanhira

Tinotenda Charles Rutanhira